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Established since 2006 with the first outlet in Darmawangsa Square -Jakarta, HEARING VISION takes part in socializing the importance of hearing health in Indonesia by providing a complete hearing examination and installation of Hearing Aids.


Focus in the importance of early detection of hearing loss, we started from screening for newborns as well as elderly people. Our goal is for the younger generation to have a bright future and elderly people can enjoy good quality old days.

Currently HEARING VISION has:

* Many branches, so access to checks your hearing health is more evenly distributed

* Established cooperation in hospitals and special schools for the deaf

* Trusted as Exclusive Distributor of Beltone Hearing Aids for 12 years

* Trusted as Exclusive Distributor of various hearing instruments / equipments by international companies / brands for Audiometer, Tympanometer, OAE screener, ABR / ASSR, ENT Surgery and Disposables, etc.


We will continue to strive so that the wider community understands the importance of maintaining hearing health, and contribute to the success of the WHO Sound Hearing 2030 program.

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