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Speech Aid (Electro Larynx)

Speech Aid Center for Larynx disability (Electrolarynx)

brand LABEX made in Bulgaria



The Labex Comfort Electrolarynx Device
The Labex Comfort is one of the smallest and lightest electrolarynx devices on the market. It only weighs 168 grams, ensuring maximum portability! The Labex Comfort runs on standard 9V batteries. We include two 9v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries as well as a smart charging station with every Comfort purchase. It is made from super durable, shock-resistant plastic.

Easy-to-Use Two Button Design:
With our easy-to-use two-button design, each button can be customized with its own volume level and tone. One button is configured for outside/outdoor use with a higher volume, so the speaker can be heard in a noisy environment. The other button is configured with a lower volume for indoor use, or in a setting where the user would want to speak quietly such as reading to themselves.

Why choose the Labex Comfort? Here are some reasons:

  • Two button design for functionality and comfort

  • Each button has its own volume and tone

  • Each button is fully configurable

  • Digital control allows 4 hours of speaking time

  • Easy-to-see LED battery warning

  • IP54 water and dust resistant


When Two Buttons Are Better Than One
If you have an active lifestyle, address different groups of people often or live in a household with kids or pets, the Labex Comfort may be the best option for you. It makes it easy to switch between volumes in a variety of places like restaurants, worship services, book clubs or large households.



Reliability and Simplicity: Our Classic Labex Digital Device
The Labex Digital electrolarynx device shares a similar design to our Labex Comfort model. However, the Digital is further optimized for ease-of-use with a single button construction. Our intuitive design offers the same reliability as our other devices in a more simplistic model.

Single-Button Volume Control
Buying an electrolarynx device is a personal experience. Where some customers prefer designs that include our two-button or Touch Technology, others prefer our most basic design. The Labex Digital is easy-to-use with a single button setting. It’s also our smallest, most lightweight device.

Key features of our Digital model include:

  • Production of a steady, flat tone

  • Several combinations of volume and tone settings

  • Our lightest and smallest electrolarynx device

  • IP54 water and dust resistant rated

  • 4 hours of speaking time on a fully-charged battery

  • Easy-to-see LED battery warning


Every Labex Digital Electrolarynx Device comes with:

  • Two rechargeable 9v Li-Ion batteries

  • Intelligent recharge station with two slots

  • User manual

  • Original warranty card

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